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Visier COVID-19 Response: Our People and Our Community Matter Most

Beginning March 13, 2020, all Visier employees will work from home 

Following announcements by the World Health Organization and by the Prime Minister of Canada regarding the evolution of COVID-19 into a global pandemic, we have decided it is in the best interest of our employees and our community to ask all Visier employees to work from home until further notice.  

We are taking these preventative measures because social distancing and self-quarantine are recommended as the most effective means of preventing transmission.

During this time, all of our offices worldwide will be closed. Our employees will work from home and use virtual software in place of in-person meetings. All business travel has also been paused at this time. 

Our customers and partners can rest assured that our employees are prepared. As a cloud technology company, we have equipped our employees with the secure tools they need to work remotely. Our business continuity plan included a company-wide dry-run test, which has been successfully completed by all employees this week. We are confident that this change will not impact the service levels that we are entrusted to deliver.

Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer for Visier, stated:  “We are a people analytics company. Bringing together data aspect and the human aspect of decision making is what we do. The analysis dictates that we keep people safe and do our part to minimize transmission in our communities.”  

Visier core values inspire us to act like owners and to place the trust of our teams and of our customers at the core of any challenging decision.  

“To respect our employees and customers, as well as the health of their employees, means being proactive and not taking unnecessary risks,” continued Rubenstein.

While we do not have any confirmed cases within Visier, we do see it as our responsibility to take these preventative measures now to protect our employees and to do our part to help flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. 

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and share updates as necessary.

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