Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Visier Service Portal?
Do you need to register to access the Visier Service Portal?
Will any automatic activation email be sent to ALL Visier users?
What if you didn’t activate your account using the activation link within seven days?
What do you do when you receive the message: 'A user with this email already exists.'?
If your company has SSO enabled for your Visier account, do you still need to activate your Visier Service Portal account?
How do you reset your password?
How do you sign in to the Visier Service Portal?
What happens when you register the Visier Service Portal using an email address that’s NOT associated with Visier People?
How do I access the Visier University?
How do you create a new Technical Support case?
Why can’t you see anything in the View cases option under the Support location on the Visier Service Portal?
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