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The Cloud Connectors is the premier HR data transformation company that will allow you to move your Talent Management team and Human Resource function forward and to a new level.

The Cloud Connectors deliver cloud integrations that connect systems, information, and people to streamline human capital management business processes. Operating on an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) model, the Cloud Connectors help organizations meet their business needs by optimizing integrations and migrations with Visier, in the cloud and on premise.

The Cloud Connectors iPaaSa (Integration platform as a service) tool is dedicated to the development of Human Resource integration, unlike any other iPaaS in the HR space. This iPaaS is dedicated to HR and your organizational needs to make the most of your talent management integration strategy.

The Cloud Connectors can resolve these issues along with many, many others all while paying a small subscription fee to house your data, giving you anytime access to your data and allowing you to customize information as needed and on the go. If needed, The Cloud Connectors can also be your “on-call” consultant to add/change or provide any information required.

Not only does The Cloud Connectors give you the platform to connect your information, but they have already developed an easy, systematic way for you to search for any historical information.

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Visier is excited to announce our new and improved partner program! Whether you’re looking to strengthen your go-to-market with the leader in people analytics, find new opportunities with existing clients, or acquire new ones, the Visier Partner Program provides opportunities to enhance and strengthen your offerings and grow your business through partnership.

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