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SkyHive unlocks human potential and workforce capability by driving rapid reskilling and creating new career pathways for today’s workers.

SkyHive invented and commercialized a unique methodology, Quantum Labour Analysis, to analyze workforces at their most granular level - skills.

With world-leading AI technology, SkyHive captures real-time labour market movements and applies those insights to rapidly assess the current capabilities of a workforce, identify future and emerging skills, and facilitate workforce planning. Revolutionizing the development and retention of employees, SkyHive identifies internal mobility opportunities and facilitates individualized career and reskilling pathing.

Founded with the mission of reducing global unemployment and underemployment, SkyHive is industry-agnostic and active across four continents.

Solution Spotlight


SkyHive transforms Visier’s on-platform data - employee, role, or training - into a skills-based format.

By matching individuals with jobs and other opportunities based on skills, SkyHive eliminates both systemic and unconscious bias that often occur in the traditional recruitment and resource allocation processes.

In fact, the skills-based approach has proven to be a massive driver for diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Employee Experience

SkyHive adds a layer of value to employees by converting Visier’s in-depth people analytics data into skills-based employee profiles then providing an employee-facing platform with personalized recommendations for targeted training, mentorship, internal job opportunities, as well as career pathways.

SkyHive empowers individual workers by helping them visualize the skills they possess, explore internally available opportunities, and understand how they can achieve career aspirations; significantly boosting employee engagement and morale.

Employee Reskilling

As technology continues to quickly evolve, so do roles, skills, and capabilities. 87% of executives say their organizations are experiencing skills gaps, yet only 28% can effectively address this issue.

With Visier’s comprehensive people analytics data, SkyHive is able to help each employee identify individualized, adaptive reskilling pathways based on their unique skill set, and matches them with targeted learning content that corresponds to the skills gaps.

SkyHive also incorporates real-time labour market data to ensure individual reskilling pathways adapt to the rapidly changing workforce requirements.

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