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Since 1986, Insperity has been helping small and midsize companies harness the power of HR to improve business success.

At Insperity, it’s not just HR outsourcing, it’s HR that makes a difference.™ Their comprehensive, scalable HR solutions offer an optimal blend of service and technology to facilitate growth by streamlining processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance.

Insperity Premier ™ – the company’s next-level HR technology platform – includes the People Analytics solution powered by Visier ® . This premium feature enables companies to leverage valuable information about their workforce, and better predict and plan for the future.

With Insperity, you’ll gain access to the tools to help your middle market business eliminate inefficiencies, control expenses and manage risks – so you can focus on growth and profitability. Because that’s what it means to have a true HR partner.

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Employee benefits

Insperity can provide your employees with access to cost-effective, comprehensive group health coverage because of their plan designs and long-term relationships with nationally recognized insurance carriers.

Risk mitigation and HR-related compliance

Help protect your business by preventing problems from the start with Insperity’s risk mitigation services. Their specialists monitor and communicate relevant changes to employment laws and regulations.

Talent management and acquisition

Your people are your most valuable asset. Get customized guidance and tools from Insperity’s HR professionals, so you can recruit the right talent, offer effective training and drive strong performance.

Technology and analytics

The Insperity Premier™ HCM platform helps automate and integrate routine procedures while uncovering insights to help drive higher employee performance and achieve business goals. This robust technology also includes the Insperity ® People Analytics solution, powered by Visier®.

Personalized HR service

Get the support and follow-through your growing business needs to overcome its toughest HR challenges and reach its goals, with Insperity’s dedicated team of HR specialists.

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