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Businesses do not generate value; it is people who do.

This statement holds significant value when you engage experts who produce results rooted in data, prioritizing the most critical yet often underutilized asset within your organization: your workforce.

As an HR consultancy, Harbinger AG combines a wealth of experience and expertise with the essential HR key performance indicators (KPIs) necessary for your business's success. These KPIs are closely linked to the key personnel and high achievers who propel your organization forward.

In achieving this, our experts leverage their most potent advantage: an external perspective.

Solution Spotlight
HR KPIs vs. Business Impact

Your business requires unique benchmarks. Why compare your metrics with others when your strategies differ from those of your competition? The reasons behind your business’s success are unique to your strategy meaning your most important KPIs will be unique as well. We collaborate with Visier to build your Strongest Framework™. Identify the key drivers of performance and business success and visualize your HR KPIs in their most impactful context. Harbinger clients see returns at least 9.3 times greater than their investment.

Enhanced Employee Performance

Your business cannot afford to lose or underutilize its top talent. People steer your outcomes. They are intricate individuals, but one thing is straightforward: satisfied employees = engaged employees = productive employees. Driving engagement and productivity will optimize your profit per employee. Identify which employee groups and topics to focus on and build a well-defined strategy for your most crucial groups. Harbinger clients see returns on investment of 8.5 times higher for these projects.

HR Projects that drive measurable change

Your business thrives on targeted efforts and your most critical challenges are as unique as your organization. Whether it's retaining key players, enhancing the employee experience, optimizing workforce design or managing absenteeism; a thoughtfully selected HR project will have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business. Gain a clear perspective on which area will yield the most positive change and have experts by your side to oversee and guide your team. Learn from dedicated experts on prioritizing your areas of focus to deliver people and business success.

Bottom Line

Harbinger lives by its motto, "Client-focused. Results-driven." Get to know us and benefit from data-driven solutions that address your most pressing and intricate challenges.

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