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Meet the AI-powered talent experience platform

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Meet the AI-powered talent experience platform that will future proof your workforce.

Fuel50 is the future of work. Meet the game-changing AI-powered talent experience platform that will future proof your workforce. Fuel50 mobilizes internal talent supply, delivers fast visibility to internal opportunities, and enables workforce agility aligned with your business needs.

With Fuel50, you can evolve your workforce for the future, create a fully mobilized talent experience for your people, and ensure that your organization is truly agile.

Companies using Fuel50 see measurable results, with attrition being reduced by up to 50% in over 60 companies and engagement uplifts are in the realm of 3-30% within every company deploying Fuel50.

Solution Spotlight

Talent Acquisition

Fuel50 is the AI-powered platform that mobilizes internal talent supply and helps your organization become truly agile.

The need for internal talent mobility is at an all-time high. In the past, organizations globally have found it easier to hire externally as they cannot find internal talent for their opportunities. This can be a costly exercise at a time when many businesses are looking to reduce overall costs.

Leveraging your existing talent can be a great way to build organizational and personal resilience – while maintaining productivity and saving money, time, and resources. In fact, Fuel50’s FuelMobility™ feature does just that by enabling HR teams and leaders to uncover their workforce’s hidden and transferable talent.

FuelMarketplace™ is the internal talent marketplace solution that supports internal talent mobility by providing visibility to gigs, vacancies, learning opportunities, career journeys and paths, mentors, and more. This powerful tool helps leaders build teams based on best talent-fit and helps organizations to support career growth whilst navigating workforce re-engineering, redeployment, and reskilling.

Through FuelMarketplace™, employees can gain visibility into internal opportunities that match their capability or do gap analyses of the skills they need to acquire to be considered for new, potentially different roles or projects.

Fuel50’s powerful AI analyses current job market-data and creates dynamic skill profiles per vacancy, matching users to opportunities based on their individual talent profile. One-click apply to role vacancies and gigs ensures that the talent acquisition process is simple and straightforward, and it connects directly to your ATS.

Key Talent Retention

Fuel50 is a retention solution, helping employees see where their future lies within their current organization. In fact, the key catalyst for creating the Fuel50 product was organizations wanting to help their managers deliver better quality conversations for retention and growth of employees.

Fuel50 sees an aggregate improvement in retention of 60% across our client base.

We know through our global research and client discussions that career development is the top driver of employee engagement and retention. Fuel50 allows talent to be leveraged within businesses in a way that is unique to each employee.

Fuel50’s powerful AI leader dashboards provide leaders with career insights for each of their team members. Leaders can view and explore powerful AI-driven insights generated by their teams — from career growth and fit opportunities to retention risk factors and coaching alerts. With Fuel50, it is possible to view retention risk factors for each employee at a glance and action in real-time.

Plus, through Fuel50’s incredibly powerful and insightful analytics dashboard, HR and OD managers can generate reports on almost any key area of business — from culture and ethos-based metrics to talent and retention-based metrics.

Learning Effectiveness

Fuel50 enables a variety of learning opportunities that contribute to providing further action to develop one’s career. Smart matching of talent across gigs, vacancies, learning opportunities, career journeys and paths, mentors, and more relies on clarity of both individual capability and organizational need.

According to Bersin by Deloitte’s predictions, organizations need to be built around highly empowered employees and teams with employee-centric learning models, enabling and supporting a career-growth mindset, all of which is achieved through the Fuel50 platform.

FuelGigs™ allows employees to find on the job experiential learning experiences that are matched to their talent gaps and learning wants with our experience marketplace.

Through our integrations with LMS/LXP systems, suggested learning courses can also be provided that are tailored to the user. Employees will be able to click on learning recommendations from within Fuel50 when they identify a growth area.

Fuel50 creates a seamless experience for employees, presenting them with a curated list of opportunities that are personalized to them. Plus, Fuel50 takes learning one step further by facilitating organizational workforce planning through supporting individuals to target opportunities that will build the capabilities they need for their own future success, and for the future success of the organization as well.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fuel50 is the plug-and-play agile talent solution that’s built on ethical artificial intelligence. At Fuel50, our commitment to ethical and inclusive AI is built upon our commitment to the principles of fairness, transparency, and inclusivity.

Our purpose has always been to positively impact the careers and lives of all employees. That’s why Fuel50’s software is designed to do good. We believe that a deep commitment to inclusive talent practices is needed and it starts with a charter that is built into your skills architecture & organizational DNA.

Fuel50’s Digital Capability Architecture is pivotal to the principles of transparency and inclusivity. It drives a more inclusive working culture through:

  • Incorporating critical diversity and inclusion capabilities in all executive and manager level roles, supporting a shift of mindset from the top down
  • Amplifying behavioral standards around diversity and inclusion and holding leaders accountable for driving positive change
  • Shining a spotlight on unconscious bias throughout the organization
  • Ensuring diversity and inclusion practices are present in recruitment, performance management, and leadership development

We are proud to say that continuous diversity and inclusion checking of Fuel50 developed role profiles ensures they are not biased, discriminatory, or supporting unwanted stereotypes.

The Fuel50 platform leverages artificial intelligence to connect people to each other, to their organizations, and to themselves in a fair, transparent, and inclusive way.

Fuel50 is the solution that mobilizes your talent and delivers true ethical AI-driven workforce agility.

Future Workplace Design

Fuel50 is the talent experience platform that evolves workforces for the future and changes how organizations view careers.

With an ever-changing workforce, the process of creating and maintaining job profiles and talent architecture can be extremely difficult and never-ending. To eliminate this, FuelArchitecture™ maps, manages, and supports agile career architectures, with scalable, self-sufficient frameworks that are simple and sustainable for any business.

The Digitized Capability Architecture™, Fuel50’s trademarked career architecture developed over 6 years and validated in more than 65 organizations globally, is curated by big data science and research, powered by Fuel50’s expert Talent Architects.

Part of the FuelArchitecture™, Fuel50’s Talent Blueprint™ helps organizations move away from complex and rigid hierarchical structures, to these flatter, more agile configurations. Fuel50’s workforce design team of I/O psychologists supports organizations to transform into a career-enabled workforce. The Career Architecture application methodology simplifies, transforms, and modernizes agile career frameworks across three levels – Culture, Level, and Function.

Organizations need to find ways to support career growth whilst navigating workforce re-engineering, redeployment, and reskilling. Through the customizable Fuel50 features, organizations have visibility to their talent to see who has the skills and who is developing those skills to get the right people into the right job or project in accordance with business demands.

For example, FuelMarketplace™ creates temporary internal redeployment and increases workforce agility and talent mobility. The gig network and cross-function talent-sharing will help enterprise businesses fill key talent gaps rapidly whilst growing their employees' careers.

Fuel50 is the future of work.

Workforce Planning

Fuel50 helps organizations get the most out of their employees whilst providing HR with rich data and insights to support strategic workforce decisions. Fuel50 empowers leaders to become true talent builders, creating and nurturing a pipeline of talent that supports greater internal mobility.

Our internal talent marketplace, FuelMarketplace™, supports redeployment, gigs, temporary project solutions and team re-assignments. Fuel50’s AI engine and talent mobility matrix fuels workforce planning and redeployment requirements by providing insights needed to plan and build teams. This is organization survival meets career development and next-gen employee mobility.

Available insights around employee’s agility, goals, career engagers, retention risk factors, and development needs gives HR access to powerful workforce data to support their workforce planning strategies. Leaders can utilize these career insights to have engaging career growth conversations with their people through powerful in-the-moment coaching.

FuelMobility™ enables managers to create and nurture a pipeline of talent and promote greater career mobility within their teams. Delving beyond Fuel50’s powerful FuelLeaders™ dashboard, this succession planning feature encourages leaders to take control of their succession pipe and build a pool of talent they can tap into at any time. Key retention risk areas within teams are also tracked showing advanced warning that action might be required.

We are big believers in looking inside first. Fuel50 enables leaders to tap into internal talent that they may not have considered previously. The Fuel50 platform also aids talent optimization, by allowing leaders to ensure they have the best possible talent in the right roles.

Employee Experience

Fuel50 is the AI-driven employee experience platform that transforms the way people think about their careers. Our mission is to unlock talent, support people to fulfill their potential and connect them to their futures within an organization.

Through our employee-centric approach, Fuel50 allows people to build ownership of their own career, live their values, find purpose alignment at work, and encourages them to play to their talents.

Employees are presented with a hyper-personalized opportunity dashboard, curated by our advanced employee skills inferencing. By only knowing the employee’s current role, the Fuel50 platform can build a skill profile that delivers targeted opportunities specific to them. Our technology smart matches these opportunities across gigs, vacancies, learning opportunities, career journeys and paths, mentors and more.

Fuel50 enables organizations to tap into each employee’s passion and potential – unleashing a higher level of engagement and contribution. Our interactive and gamified FuelFactors™ tools give HR and leaders powerful insights into what drives their teams — their core values, career drivers, motivators, and skills.

Fuel50 is also a key driver in enabling meaningful career growth conversations, providing leaders with a beautiful foundation to design coaching sessions tailored to each employee and what is most relevant to them.

With a focus on action and next steps, the Fuel50 platform encourages ongoing talent development curating a truly “agile workforce”. Built upon powerful research and subject matter expertise, Fuel50 can truly revolutionize your organization’s employee experience.

Employee Reskilling

Fuel50 puts the ownership of career development back into the hands of the employee and helps them build the skills that they need, but also that the organization needs.

Fuel50’s AI-driven platform allows employers to quickly gain insights and make decisions around the skill and capability they need and that is essential across the business for future success.

FuelAnalytics™ provides HR and leaders with talent intelligence that is 360-degree validated and surfaces capability intelligence, trends data, and reskilling gaps. It highlights capability risks, which arms leaders with the information they need to recognize where untapped skills and talents lie within the organization.

In addition, Fuel50’s Talent Blueprint gives talent leaders clarity on the skills and capabilities that exist within their organization, enabling them to quickly mobilize talent to adjust to evolving business requirements and organizational strategies.

The Fuel50 platform also empowers and enables employees to take control of their own skills journey. Gap analysis and in-demand skills micro-features help employees to understand what skills or capabilities they need to grow or develop and to focus on reskilling in these key areas.

FuelMarketplace™ features smart matching to gigs, vacancies, learning opportunities, career journeys and paths, mentors and more to support employees with continual skills development. It enables people to find and prepare themselves for the sorts of opportunities that will keep them relevant and increase their marketability for the future.

Together this delivers an energized, productive, and motivated workforce who are equipped and ready to fulfil their potential.

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