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Visier Analytics for Jira

Maximize Software Development Productivity

Link with your people insights within Jira to visualize each development resource's impact to the project success. Deliver development projects on time and on budget by improving resource planning and gaining visibility of team capacity.

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Visier Analytics for Jira

Solve your top reporting pain points in the software development lifecycle

Deploy projects on budget and on schedule

Gain visibility on team capacity

Maximize team efficiency and productivity

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Visualize team capacity and project progress

Visualize team capacity and project progress

  • Get your people insights instantly for better capacity planning and link with project outputs by visualizing the development team’s time usage, work distribution, and efficiency.
  • Review how people resources are allocated across different development projects within Jira with guided reporting.
  • Identify issue blockers in Jira, and see the tasks that are consuming your team’s capacity and impacting costs.
Maximize productivity with effective resource planning

Maximize productivity with effective resource planning

  • Optimize development efforts with insights on project progress and important status within a single view.
  • Access all critical metrics within development such as the average lead time, time spent in status for projects, and prioritize areas to improve.
  • Understand the capability of each team member by getting project insights for each individual, and assign them issues they are best skilled to complete.
Build efficient development teams

Build efficient development teams

  • Unlock insights about your team’s performance with a productivity tracker that shows things like team velocity.
  • Define the best team formation for upcoming projects.
  • Gain visibility on the progress of the team's output and make informed decisions on people resource allocation for agility.
  • Identify possible skill gaps by linking the people's experience and their skill level data with key project metrics.