SAP SuccessFactors

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Visier can retrieve data through this connector if the following requirements are met.

For more information about the data that is retrieved through this connector, see the Connector Definitions.


  • Create an integration user in SAP SuccessFactors.

Integration user

Create an integration user in your source system and assign it the appropriate security access so that Visier can retrieve your source data through this user.



Administrator permissions

Employee Central HRIS OData API

Employee Central Foundation OData API

Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication

Admin Access to MDF OData API

Admin Access to MDF OData API is required to retrieve data for Currency, Compensation Payout, and Performance Rating. Without this permission, Visier cannot retrieve Currency, Compensation Payout, and Performance Rating from SAP SuccessFactors.

Manage documents

Admin Access to Forms OData API

Admin Access to Talent Rating OData API

Manage system properties

Picklist Management and Picklists Mappings Set Up

Recruiting permissions

OData API Candidate Export

OData API Application Export

OData API Application Audit Export

OData API Offer Export

OData API Requisition Export

User permissions


Connector credentials

You need to provide the following credentials to Visier so that we can retrieve data from your source system.




Domain name

The API server for your SAP SuccessFactors data center. To find your API server, see List of SAP SuccessFactors API Servers.


The integration user’s username.



The integration user’s password.


Company ID

Your company’s unique ID in SAP SuccessFactors.


How the connector loads data

Initially, data connectors retrieve a full history for each subject to generate an initial history of events. In each subsequent data retrieval, each connector handles the data load differently.

  • Full load: All data from the source system is loaded into Visier.

  • Delta load: Only changed data is loaded into Visier. A delta load may take either the entire history or a specific number of years of history for each changed record.

  • Snapshot load: All data at a particular point in time. A snapshot load does not contain historical records or show changes over time.

  • Partial load: A subset of data is loaded into Visier.

After the initial load, this connector only retrieves data for changed records.

For changed records, this connector retrieves the record's full history.

You can configure how many years of history is retrieved.