Google BigQuery

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Visier can retrieve data through this connector if the following requirements are met.


  • Create an integration user in Google BigQuery.

Integration user

Create an integration user in your source system and assign it the appropriate security access so that Visier can retrieve your source data through this user.



IAM roles

Assign the following roles to the integration user:

BigQuery Data Viewer

BigQuery Job User

BigQuery User

BigQuery Admin

Connector credentials

You need to provide the following credentials to Visier so that we can retrieve data from your source system.




Project ID

The unique identifier of the project to retrieve data from.


Dataset Region

The region in which your BigQuery data is stored. For more information, see BigQuery locations.


OAuth Refresh Token

The integration user’s refresh token. For more information, see Token types.


Client ID

The integration user’s client ID.


Client Secret

The integration user’s client secret.


Default Dataset

The default schema for unqualified tables; for example, if a table does not have an assigned schema, use this dataset as the schema.


Data files

The Google BigQuery data connector only retrieves data stored in BigQuery for use in Visier.

For other data, you must provide that data through alternative methods such as SFTP or Visier’s other data connectors.

How the connector loads data

Initially, data connectors retrieve a full history for each subject to generate an initial history of events. In each subsequent data retrieval, each connector handles the data load differently.

  • Full load: All data from the source system is loaded into Visier.

  • Delta load: Only changed data is loaded into Visier. A delta load may take either the entire history or a specific number of years of history for each changed record.

  • Snapshot load: All data at a particular point in time. A snapshot load does not contain historical records or show changes over time.

  • Partial load: A subset of data is loaded into Visier.

This connector retrieves snapshot data for a particular date and time.

However, the data type and key/updated fields can be configured so the connector only retrieves data for changed records.