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Visier® Benchmarks And Standardized Occupations

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Introducing Visier® Benchmarks and Standardized Occupations, the ultimate solutions for organizations looking to measure their workforce performance against their peers and achieve job title standardization!

Visier® Benchmarks provide you with relevant and up-to-date benchmarking.  Our benchmarking data is sourced directly from customers, which ensures that it is complete and accurate.  

Visier® Standardized Occupations, on the other hand, allows for rapid job title standardization by matching an organization's jobs to a standardized occupation taxonomy using artificial intelligence.

What value is delivered?

Visier® Benchmarks and Standardized Occupations is designed to solve problems arising from a lack of comparability and standardization.  The unique problems solved are listed below:

  • Benchmarking:  Provides organizations with the ability to compare their own workforce data to aggregated benchmarking sourced from millions of employee records.  This enables organizations to gain valuable insights into their performance and answer questions such as “Are you gaining or losing ground over time?" and "What are the largest opportunities for change in your business?" Say goodbye to the struggle of finding relevant data to benchmark your performance against!

    Why is it important? Benchmarks help you understand the market and your position within it so you can establish your people strategy and set ambitious, realistic goals. When an organization is unsure of how it compares to its industry and market, it may target the incorrect issues and risk carrying out a plan that is no longer relevant.

  • Standardizing Occupations:  Provides organizations with the ability to match their jobs to a standardized occupation taxonomy using Artificial Intelligence.  This automated process continuously augments source data, building alignment across an organization's data and ensures consistent job matching both internally and externally.

    Why is it important?  Any good insight on jobs depends on clean, clear, and consistent data. Too many different job names are unwieldy and obscure any kind of meaningful analysis. Too few job names (where nuances are captured in descriptions, titles, or function instead) are equally useless and prevent patterns from appearing.  In addition to this, occupation standardization allows users to effortlessly link organizational data to a wide variety of external data sources for even more insightful analysis.

What do I get with Visier® Benchmarks and Standardized Occupations and what do I need to provide?

All customers who have granted Visier® data aggregation rights will receive Visier® Benchmarks and Standardized Occupations for free.

For  Visier® Benchmarks customers will have access to a vast database containing over 200 million values from 18 million employee records. Our benchmarking tool provides benchmarks for North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania giving you a comprehensive understanding of how your organization's workforce performance measures up to your peers in these regions.

Visier offers following 19 metrics:

Headcount by age

Headcount by ethnicity

Headcount by job function

Headcount by tenure

High performer ratio

Manager ratio

Minority ratio

Women ratio

Promotion rate

External starts rate

Overall exit rate

Voluntary turnover rate

Retirement rate

Resignation rate

Involuntary turnover rate

New hire resignation rate

New hire minority ratio

New hire women ratio

New hire high performer ratio

Which may be sliced by each of the following 11 dimensions:


Company size







Performance group


Standardized occupation (for all exit benchmark metrics)

The Standardized Occupations service includes:

  • Automatic job matching which will provide you with a 3-tier occupation taxonomy, based off of ESCO, which includes over 3,300 unique job titles.

  • Some of the top skills associated with each job title.