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Vee is Visier's generative AI solution that delivers a conversational interface to Visier People. It enables users from across your organization to ask their most pressing people-related questions and receive answers in natural language powered by AI.

Vee guides users through a chat interface, utilizing generative AI to translate user questions and provide answers based on your organization’s people data within Visier. This guarantees that all responses are supported by the data, relevant, and aligned with the robust security model implemented by Visier.

What value is delivered?

Vee is designed to enable all users, including those with limited analytics backgrounds, to inquire about their organization’s people data within Visier. Some of the unique problems it solves are listed below:

  • Rapid and Effortless Access to People Data: Vee enables users, regardless of their analytics background, to self-serve and obtain rapid answers to urgent questions about people data. This makes Vee the perfect tool for HR business partners, people managers, and even executives. No programming or analytics skills needed, users can simply ask a question in natural language through a conversational interface. By allowing non-analyst users to self-serve, Vee stops repetitive and time-consuming questions from hitting the People Analytics and HRBP teams, giving them more time to focus on high-value strategic insights and impact.

  • Insightful Follow-ups: Your first question in Vee is just the beginning. Users can drill down and gain additional insights by asking follow-up questions within the chat thread. Vee is able to propose follow-up questions that add additional context or insight that a user may not have considered.

  • See the Answer: Depending on the question, Vee will provide not just the answer in natural language text but also the relevant visualization. Vee will present the user with a relevant chart, and allow them to explore the chart, review details, or further delve into the information by asking more questions. Vee also offers users the context of the query, ensuring they find what they are looking for.

  • Security and Privacy Are Built In: Vee is governed by Visier’s trusted security model. The answers are backed on the access level of the user, so sensitive data remains secure. Vee only reveals information that a user is entitled to see and is consistent regardless of the Visier user experience.

What do I get with Vee and what do I need to provide?

With Vee, you get out of the box functionality:

  • Ability to Ask Ad Hoc Questions: Users can ask ad hoc analytical questions around any metric configured in Visier People as well as refine their query using filters or adding a comparison. Vee supports time comparison, ad hoc numeric range filtering, as well as the ability for users to reference tenant-specific data such as members and concepts to create filters and comparisons. The following are supported:

    • Trend

    • Breakdown

    • Relationship

    • Drivers

    • Seasonality

    • Movement

    • Collaboration

    • Career Paths

  • Ability to Customize: Vee is able to deal with customizations and specific data and attributes based on the customer. Vee can be customized to:

    • Provide examples showcasing your common analytical questions and language.

    • Understand company-specific jargon by giving it synonyms.

    • Include or exclude content to ensure a curated experience for your users.

  • Security and Access Control: Vee fully respects and runs under the Visier data security model. In addition, Vee respects ad hoc content access, so you can control which metrics and dimensions users can ask questions about.

And access through Microsoft Teams:

  • Accessible via Microsoft Teams: Vee allows authenticated users direct access to people data stored in Visier, bypassing the Visier People interface, for a seamless experience within the Microsoft Teams chat interface.

What do I need in order to use Vee?

The following prerequisites are required in order to use Vee:

  • Visier People® Essentials is necessary as it contains the required data.

  • Granting Visier data aggregation rights is necessary as aggregated data is used to improve the overall question coverage and user experience.

Technical Limitations

  • Vee cannot answer questions about data that is not present in Visier People.

  • Although Vee uses some of the largest language models currently available, it may misunderstand or misinterpret some questions, either due to the ambiguity of language or due to an incorrect prediction. This may lead to an incorrect response, or no response at all. It is, therefore, the user’s responsibility to critically evaluate the answer being returned. Drilling down from Vee into the underlying analysis is supported in order to ensure the user gets the answer they are looking for.