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Rackspace is a global technology company dedicated to accelerating the value of the cloud during every phase of digital transformation.


Rackspace found it cumbersome to answer workforce questions for the business. Before analysis could begin, time and manual effort had to be allocated towards data cleansing and extraction from various transactional systems. However, a new people analytics approach enabled them to get answers, make better decisions, and save jobs–all at a faster pace and with more accuracy than ever before.

Visier Solutions

The way Visier has actually impacted our business success is it’s allowed us to broaden everything that we’re working on. Previously we were focusing on very high level metrics where we didn’t have a very wide range, or very robust suite. But now going forward with Visier, because we’re able to do a lot of the things that we were doing in a fraction of the time now, we’ve actually implemented five times more metrics within our company.

Dapo Olofinjana

HR Analytics Specialist

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