When USG transformed their HR delivery model, their approach to supporting the business had to change. Investing in a people analytics platform has enabled USG to explore their data in an interactive way, which enables them to do deeper analysis and uncover challenges that don’t appear with surface-level metrics.


Gina Max, Senior Director, Talent Management and Diversity, USG Corporation

“We transformed our HR delivery model to a regional structure with COE support. This required us to think about how we support the business in a different manner.

We knew that data was a critical component, and we knew that looking at our data historically through scorecards was not the answer. So we wanted to shift to a model where we could look at data in a more interactive way and then eventually get to predictive and proactive analytics.

At USG, our engagement results and retention rates are very good. We find that it’s more of a challenge, when your results are good, to uncover the challenges that you need to be able to see in your data. We’ve found that the Visier tool has helped us to uncover these challenges.

We previously spent all of our time on crunching data. The Visier tool allows to analyze the data, spend less time on data crunching, and move more towards insights and actions.

I look forward to the day when we and HR can go to the business with the solution to a problem or an opportunity that we did not realize that we had. We’ll be able to determine what precise and focused investments are needed so that we can impact the business.

As we think about the workforce into the future, it will be imperative that we make nimble and accurate talent decisions. It’s not a nice to have anymore, it’s a requirement.”