To help fuel their business growth, Synopsys needed to better utilize their data to make good business decisions. This meant moving beyond reporting into data visualizations and true workforce analytics, as well as predictive analysis that can help them see what might happen in the future.


Kevin Syvrud, VP, Global Operations, Human Resources, Synopsys

“Synopsys has been growing rapidly for the last several years. So using data to make good business decisions is becoming increasingly critical.

Well, it’s very obvious once you work with Visier that they’re dynamic and customer responsive, but also they have a very deep knowledge in the domain of business intelligence. So they’ve been able to marry their unique customer service, focus on HR and workforce analytics, and the ability to drive very leading edge analytics.

Anytime you go to a workforce analytics, a lot of people confuse it with reporting. This is kind of a frog’s leap from standard reporting and data into visualizations and analytics. So it’s much more than just another evolutionary step on web reporting. It really is true workforce analytics.

The other thing is Visier is one of the leading on predictive analysis. So you can put some constraints on to not only look at what happened, but what might be happening in the future.”