Rackspace found it cumbersome to answer workforce questions for the business. Before analysis could begin, time and manual effort had to be allocated towards data cleansing and extraction from various transactional systems. However, a new people analytics approach enabled them to get answers, make better decisions, and save jobs–all at a faster pace and with more accuracy than ever before.


Dapo Olofinjana, HR Analytics Specialist, Rackspace

“Some of the tools that we had prior to Visier, we were doing a lot of manual work on our end. So we kept a lot of things in Excel spreadsheets. We were just building out things in PowerPoint, which sometimes you’re doing a lot of the formatting, and then just trying to clean it up was just a cumbersome task.

One of the advantages I discovered with Visier is that we were able to compare different tools, compare different work sets, data sets. Previously, we had to extract data from our ATS system, then we had to go to our HRIS system and our learning system and then our engagement system. Being able to have all of that in one centralized system and we know the data is going to be correct because it has been tested, that was one thing we really loved.

The way Visier has actually impacted our business success is it’s allowed us to broaden everything that we’re working on. Previously we were focusing on very high level metrics where we didn’t have a very wide range, or very robust suite. But now going forward with Visier, because we’re able to do a lot of the things that we were doing in a fraction of the time now, we’ve actually implemented five times more metrics within our company.

There were definitely some tangible results that we got from using Visier. One of the things that we’ve done recently within Rackspace is our headcount plan has changed quite a bit where we have had a reduction in force. But doing that we were actually able to use Visier and leverage how many people we expect to leave in the future versus our current headcount.

We’re actually able to save a ton of jobs which we feel like we probably wouldn’t have done before. So being able to just save those individuals, saving their jobs, knowing strategically how we need to make these different moves, reduce headcount or increase head count in certain areas and being able to do it at such a fast pace and at a high level, that was very important for us. We were very grateful for that. We definitely were appreciative of Visier at that moment for sure.”