For semiconductor manufacturer, Micron, understanding what drives productivity is critical to business success. With self-serve analytics, Micron’s HR team can dig into their data and slice it in different ways very quickly. This enables them to uncover new workforce information that can be used to make decisions that are closely linked to business performance.


Tim Long, Director, Workforce Information, Micron

“Semiconductor manufacturing is all about efficiencies. And a big part of our spend is how much we spend in our labor at Micron. I won’t give you the exact number, but it’s a lot of money and so really understanding how to manage that human capital and how do we make sure the workforce is as productive as possible, that we’re developing the right people, that we’re giving good performance feedback to increase the productivity of our workforce is really, really important to our company.

We see tremendous analytical capability in the tool. Whereas a lot of vendors and even the common business intelligence reporting stacks, they just focus on how to bring pivot tables to the web. Visier actually has a full comprehensive environment that allows you to really get your hands on the data, look at it all sorts of different ways very quickly. You can drill in deep into the data. You can come back out to the top. It’s just a really helpful environment for analyzing that data.

They’re progressive. They’re getting into the predictive analytic space, which is something that Micron recognizes as a strategic differentiator. If we can understand what’s causing different organizational behaviors, how to correct those, that’ll help us make better decisions about our workforce.

Micron overall has pretty good retention. We’d like it to be better, especially for our best performers and our best talent. So one of the things that we think we can really unlock right away out of the gate is to understand what are those drivers people leaving the organization, and what do they have in common. And are there certain things we can adjust in our HR programs, whether it’s our equity programs, our compensation, or whatever those might be. What levers can we pull to really affect that, and make sure that we’re retaining the best people in the industry.”