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Global consumer goods company delivered analytics with a small team

One source of data truth
One source of data truth
Self-serve analytics for insights in seconds
Self-serve analytics for insights in seconds
Adopted more data-driven culture
Adopted more data-driven culture


This consumer goods organization sought analytics to consolidate its workforce and business results data so it could easily connect HR initiatives to the bottom line (and vice versa), while also reducing the amount of time the team spent on data gathering and report generation. Additionally, the company wanted to increase the use of data by its HR Business Partners (HRBP) and the rest of the business.


Having limited resources, the one-person analytics team knew she’d need a robust solution that would do a lot of the heavy lifting. The organization chose Visier because it could integrate the data sets they needed, and provide out-of-the box analytics and powerful visualizations that would help business partners better understand and use the data.

In order to successfully roll out Visier, the people analytics lead found the best way to educate people on the need for analytics was to introduce it as issues arose (see the Manufacturing Tackles Employee Turnover section below for use case). This approach worked and, as demand grew, the people analytics lead extended Visier access to both business analysts and HRBPs.

Prior to Visier, the business relied heavily on the analysts to answer data questions, so it was important to have them be among the first to learn the new analytics solution; this way the business could go back to its usual source of information.

This initial roll-out involved a mix of replacing reports that the analysts were already creating and also working on new analytic initiatives. The analysts found Visier to be a very intuitive tool that was easy to learn on their own. At the same time, the people analytics lead worked on upskilling the HRBPs, who had a wide range of analytics capabilities, and getting them self-sufficient using people analytics. To do this, she leveraged Visier-provided training and made herself available to HRBPs for additional help and questions.

Key Results

Through one person’s focused leadership of the analytics program, this company has been able to get data into the hands of decision makers at a much quicker pace and use a fact-based process towards accomplishing the organizational goal of turnover reduction.

The time it takes to gather data has also significantly decreased. For example, it used to take half a day every month to assemble the static turnover reports for Manufacturing. Now, HRBPs and managers can go into Visier and see in seconds the specific employees contributing to the turnover number. This self-service capability also drastically reduces the follow-up questions the analytics team has to answer.

The next analytics initiatives are focused on headcount-related cost savings, improving succession planning, better managing labor spend as part of profit and revenue, and increasing visibility of workforce issues for the retail part of the business.

“I think the really nice thing about Visier… is their ability to integrate with just about any set of data. We have had some complications, as most companies have, with data integrity, and making sure we have data in a single system, and Visier’s been really understanding, and great with problem solving around working to create a good set of data that people are going to want to look at.”

HRIS Program Manager

Manufacturing Tackles Employee Turnover

Manufacturing was the first group to use Visier as they had an urgent need to reduce employee turnover. The VP of Manufacturing was given a brief overview on Visier and then dove right into using the solution–it didn’t require much training for him to get value.
Using Visier, they found that turnover was highest among new hires. As a result, the group decided to improve the hiring process, from selecting candidates more likely to stay to better setting expectations prior to hire.

Today, the VP of Manufacturing uses Visier to help manage fifteen plants and brings the analytics to his monthly leadership and HR meeting. During these meetings, Visier is used to develop data-driven strategies to reduce attrition. For example, he and the plant leaders leverage Visier’s predictive capabilities to look at employees who are a flight risk.

By looking at a specific job role, such as truck drivers, they can use the data to talk about how to get ahead of any voluntary exits, especially when it comes to retaining high potential employees, and decide on targeted data-backed interventions, as well as succession plans, if necessary.

“Visier is really intuitive. It doesn’t take a lot of specialized training to do analysis.” – VP of Manufacturing

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