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Coast Capital Savings scaled people analytics company-wide


With financial services facing disruption through digital transformation, Coast Capital needed to prepare its workforce for the future. As they tried to get that done with spreadsheets, they realized the approach was never going to deliver the answers they sought. Visier People gave them the technology and model of practice to scale people analytics out to the entire organization.


Mark Tucker, Senior Manager, People and Technology Solutions, Coast Capital Savings

“With financial services, the change in mobile banking, self-service for employees, financial well-being as a major focus, there’s a lot of change coming, and a lot of disruption coming in financial services.

Visier’s going to help us plan as we move across country and help us identify where we have gaps in our business. From a technology standpoint to scale standpoint, a talent standpoint, we want to identify all those gaps early on, so that we are prepared in five to 10 years.

Our team’s process before Visier was spreadsheets. Multiple spreadsheets in multiple places, with multiple sources of data.

So managers, when they’d go to remote locations, if they had it on their laptop or they knew the numbers off by heart, that was all they could go by.

The moment we knew Visier was the tool for us was when we showed the mobile capability of the data exposure to our leaders. Having that available to them on their phones in a meeting, because we are spread-out across the province, was a big win for Visier.

The initial reaction is excitement from our HR business partners and advisors. Having the data at their fingertips is a huge deal, so then they can actually provide support and actual partnership with our business customers to actually get things done and understand where we are.

Visier has been an amazing partner with our implementation. They’re always there to answer questions, show us how things work. So they’re very supportive, helpful, and they are a true partner through this implementation.”

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