Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser when you visit a website. Cookies may be placed on your browser when you visit Visier websites (Sites), use our Service Platform, and click on a link to be redirected to our Sites from a referring web page.

Why do we use cookies?

Our Sites use cookies or similar tracking technologies to perform various functions which allow the Sites and Service Platform to function, improve your browsing experience, and help personalize our resources and advertisements to better suit your interests. The section below describes our use of cookies in further detail:

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are required for the Sites and Service Platform to operate and display properly. These cookies are session-based and therefore are erased when you close your web browser.

We use these cookies for:

  • Authentication – Authentication cookies keep you logged in as you navigate around the Site and Service Platform. This feature allows you to browse to different web pages without having to login every time you load a new page.
  • Authorization – Authorization cookies communicate with our web server to verify the type of access rights you have whenever you attempt to access a restricted web page or function in the Service Platform. Your request will be approved or rejected based on the access rights that you have.
  • Session management – Your web browser will record information about your session in a cookie where the data will be retrieved and used whenever it is needed during the session. For example, a session management cookie records the web pages you viewed within the Service Platform. This enables your browser to redirect you back to the last page you visited and allow you to select alternative actions if you encounter an error on a web page.
  • Other security features – Redirection cookies are encrypted to prevent visitors from being redirected to malicious websites when they click on our Sites’ links.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience. Specifically, they are used for:

  • Browsing preferences – Cookies enable your browser to perform various functions and remember usage preferences, which create a fast, convenient, and personalized user browsing experience. For example, it can remember your browser type which help our Sites render properly to your device. Cookies may also increase convenience by remembering your username for future logins, if you select this option.
  • Performance and analytics – These cookies help us collect Site statistics and information on how users interact with our Sites to improve browsing experience and understand user engagement. For example, information about users getting stuck on a web page informs us that we need to improve our Sites’ navigation. Also by measuring traffic, these cookies helps us gauge how a web page can be optimized and how to better manage web traffic.

Marketing cookies

  • Targeting and insights – Targeting cookies are used for advertising so you can receive advertisements and messaging from us that are tailored to your interests. We also collect information on the resources you view and download on our Sites to provide you with content most relevant to you.

What information may be collected from cookies?

  • IP address and inferred information from the IP address, such as language, country, city, region, company and company phone number
  • Device information such as browser type, operating system, service provider, and screen resolution
  • Number of clicks on our advertisements featured on other websites
  • Referring URL from the website or email that redirects a visitor to our Sites
  • Browsing activity on our Sites such as: pages visited, time spent on a page, date and time of activity, resources viewed and downloaded, number of returning and new visitors, entry page (the page the visitor first lands on), if visitors accepted our cookies notice.
  • Number of user logins, requests, and unique logins collected within the Service Platform. These are aggregate in nature.

What do our third-party partners use cookies for?

We partner with one or more tracking utility companies and service providers to manage our advertising on other websites. These third-party partners may use similar tracking technologies such as cookies to gather information about your activities on our Sites and on other websites to provide you with advertising based upon your browsing activities and interests.

We do not have access to or control over third-party cookies. If you do not wish to have this information used for serving interest-based advertisements, you may opt-out through any of the following options:

Please note this does not opt you out of being served advertisements in general – you will continue to receive generic advertisements.

How can you opt-out of cookies?

Visier cookies

You may reject the use of cookies on Visier’s Sites and Service Platform by configuring your web browser’s settings to prevent the use of cookies. If you do so, your ability to use some areas or functions of the Sites and Service Platform may be limited. Visier uses both session-based and persistent cookies on our Sites and Service Platform. Session cookies expire by default whenever you close your internet browser. You can remove persistent cookies by following directions provided in your internet browser’s “Help” directory.

Third-party cookies

You can also remove third-party cookies using the instructions outlined below:

  1. In the table below, locate which third-party cookies you want to remove
  2. Click the link to go to the third-party’s cookie opt-out webpage
  3. Follow those instructions on that webpage to remove the cookies

More information about your privacy

Please see our Privacy Statement for more information about how we collect, process and protect your personal information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by email at

Last Modified: July 27, 2018