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Visier's New Solution Gives HR Agile, Predictive Workforce Planning Capabilities

Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA |

Cloud solution allows enterprises to capitalize on Big Data - without IT investment - to forecast, model, and analyze multiple workforce scenarios

Visier, an innovation leader in workforce analytics, announced today the launch of Visier® Workforce Planning. The new cloud solution enables organizations to leverage data from unlimited sources to predict how workforce behaviors (such as future employee recruitment, promotion, and turnover patterns) will change, and use this insight to create, analyze and collaborate on plans to optimize the workforce. With Visier Workforce Planning, HR can plan more strategically, while taking changing market conditions into account.

“The most impactful work my team will undertake in the next several years is the implementation of workforce planning. For our company, a one percent improvement in this area translates into several million dollars in benefit. With the ability to further leverage our investment in Visier Workforce Analytics, Visier’s workforce planning solution will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our planning assumptions, and optimize our analysis and forecasting capabilities,” says Mark Berry, VP of People Insights, ConAgra Foods.

Planning is often a complex and cumbersome process that is ad hoc in nature, and involves manual entry into antiquated custom-built spreadsheets. As a result, workforce planning typically happens just once a year and fails to involve front line leaders in the organization. Visier’s new solution turns workforce planning into an automated, highly collaborative process, where decisions are made based on up-to-date insights into an organization’s own workforce data and trends, with an immediate linkage to associated costs.

“The financial crisis and economic downturn turned traditional budgeting and business planning on its head, demanding an unprecedented level of agility. With this solution, we are empowering HR to spend less time searching for information, and more time planning effectively for the future,” says John Schwarz, Co-Founder and CEO of Visier.

Visitors to the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas, October 7-9, 2013, can see Visier Workforce Planning in action at booth #1637. The solution allows organizations to securely access their current and historical data to:

  • Ensure starting-point data is accurate

  • Generate credible projections based on past trends

  • Create “What If” scenarios to explore different options

  • Instantly toggle between required people resources, and their costs

  • Unlock wisdom otherwise trapped on the front line

Visier’s Technology Advantage

Visier’s unique technology lets organizations mine data from multiple internal and external sources to gain workforce insights that lead to better business decision making. Unlike BI projects, which take a year or more to implement, Visier can extract data from multiple, otherwise disparate sources, and translate that data into the most important workforce insights – in a month.

The one critical element that most business technology solutions fail to deliver is an engaging and rewarding user experience. Visier has differentiated itself by creating a visually appealing, intuitive and interactive interface. This empowers HR to spend less time searching for information, and more time strategizing.