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Visier Re-Imagines Visual Data Exploration; Compare and Analyze Workforce Data Side-By-Side and Across Time

Vancouver, BC |

Visier Spring 2013 product release builds on the foundation of delivering best-in-class workforce analytics and planning solutions with transformative comparative analysis technology

Visier, an innovation leader in workforce analytics, announced today the immediate availability of their Spring 2013 release of Visier Workforce Analytics, which includes new innovative visual data exploration capabilities. Visier Workforce Analytics is a cloud-based analytic application designed for business leaders and HR professionals to easily obtain insights into their organization's performance and improve the return on their most important investment - their human capital. Continuing to deliver on its commitment to develop the next generation of cloud-based workforce analytics and planning solutions, Visier extends its offering of intuitive and innovative workforce analytics with leading-edge visualization technology. Exploring relationships and visually comparing workforce data side-by-side and over time helps HR professionals and business leaders uncover the critical insights and relationships in their workforce data that are impacting their business. This latest update of Visier Workforce Analytics continues Visier's strategy of delivering instant in-depth insight into an organization's workforce to allow business leaders to align and optimize their people strategy to meet their business objectives. Being able to explore and measure workforce data, in multiple dimensions with dynamic visual representations, greatly increases the business leader's ability to identify key workforce trends and opportunities for improvement. This innovative functionality is another step in Visier's mission to deliver real and complete analytic solutions to empower business people to gain understanding of their performance and plan for the future, without spending massive amounts of time integrating and cleansing source data, building data warehouses or learning how to use complex query and dashboard development tools. Visier Workforce Analytics gives business leaders and HR professionals the insight they need to reduce costs, improve productivity, attract and retain top talent, and implement workforce strategies to support key business objectives. Visier's innovative and interactive solution uses advanced predictive technology to deliver best-practice guided analysis. By uncovering critical links between people and business outcomes, managers and HR professionals are able to answer fundamental business questions and predict and plan for their future needs. With the Spring 2013 release Visier continues its innovation with:

  • New innovative dynamic comparison visualization capability that empowers every user to see relationships and trends in data through intuitive visual data exploration.

  • An updated mobile application for iPad® highlights Visier's delivery on its mobile strategy and showcases updated user-centric capabilities to consume workforce analytics with self-service data exploration.

  • Analytic content publishing allows administrators fine-grained control to publish reports and dashboards to users and groups of users. Combined with Visier's dynamic security model content, authors can ensure that the right information gets only to the right hands.

  • New best-practice pre-built analytics highlights for organizations the impact of employees who are absent - on leave, vacation, illness, or otherwise absent - and the business impact and risks associated with this leave.

"The power of workforce analytics is in finding an insight, making a connection, and creating change in an organization's workforce to deliver business benefit," according to John Schwarz, Founder and CEO of Visier. "As a result of Visier's innovation in re-imagining how users can visually explore information, we have fundamentally changed a user's ability to see how data has changed over time, compare insights across organizations, and find relationships hidden in data. We have made it significantly easier for every user to find the connections in their workforce data they can use to improve their business. Visier allows businesses to empower their decision makers with access to real information, while eliminating the complexity and cost of a traditional business intelligence solution."

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Visier’s purpose is to help people see the truth and create a better future—now. Visier was founded to focus on what matters to business people: answering the right questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business results. Visier delivers fast, clear people insight by using all the available people data—regardless of source. With best-practice expertise built-in, decision-makers can confidently take action. Thanks to our amazing customers, Visier is the market leader in Workforce Analytics with 5,000 customers in 75 countries around the world. For more information, visit http://www.visier.com. Media Contact: Sarah Grant Visier 514-436-5100 sarah(dot)grant(at)visier(dot)com