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Visier Launches new Visier NOW Solution to Measure the Impact of Hybrid Work

Vancouver, BC & Las Vegas, Nev. |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today announced a new solution: Hybrid Work. As part of the Visier NOW portfolio of targeted use cases, this solution helps organizations track, measure and report on one of the most relevant and vexing workforce challenges facing organizations today. The solution was announced at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, held this week in Las Vegas, where Visier is a Diamond Sponsor.

“Hybrid work has changed the nature of our workplaces more than anything else since the invention of the internet,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “There is a lot of confusion for both employers and employees in expectations about work, and the tradeoffs and challenges of a hybrid model. Organizations need a way to understand how hybrid work is impacting their business, both good and bad.”

With Visier People, organizations can measure critical elements of their business impacted by a hybrid work model, including:

  • Productivity: How does hybrid work impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your teams? When you shift to a partial or full remote work model, what effect does that have on critical areas like retention, talent acquisition, and compensation?

  • People: How does hybrid work impact your teams? Balance employee sentiment with business impact to define the right hybrid policy for your employees and business.

  • Workspaces: How does hybrid work impact an organization’s need for physical space? Visier helps companies create workspace plans that support their current and future hybrid workforces.

With the launch of Hybrid Work, Visier NOW includes a portfolio of nine unique use cases tackling today’s most pressing workforce challenges.

This focus on hybrid work comes after Visier’s recent launch of Workplace Dynamics, the first and only solution to incorporate both active and passive employee feedback, providing continuous insight on how effectively teams are working together, while also providing early warning signals for burnout and retention issues.

Visit visier.com/now for more details.

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