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Visier and HR.com Partner to Provide HR Practitioners with People Analytics Skills

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced a new partnership with HR.com, the largest online community of human resources (HR) practitioners, designed to support the growing demands on HR professionals to unlock the value of their organizations’ people data.

Through this partnership, Visier and HR.com will offer HR professionals a wealth of resources to build their personal and organizational analytical skills. This includes webinars, starter guides for people analytics, regular thought leadership content, as well as direct access through HR.com into Visier’s Benchmarks of over 20 million employee records. Practitioners can use these benchmarks to reference data like career progression, exit, and diversity metrics across the last few years across 22 different industries.

“The amount of data HR professionals encounter day-to-day is staggering, and it’s coming across multiple fragmented systems, making it difficult to discern true insights,” said Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer of Visier. “People data has the transformative ability to help organizations meet the disruptions and challenges of today’s market, but this means building new capabilities inside of HR, and upleveling the skills of HR professionals, to unleash the power of the growing mountain of data they sit on.”

Over the past few years, HR teams have been inundated with a growing volume of people data. According to the 2022 Sapient Insights HR Systems Survey Report, HR teams report having 16 major HR modules in 2021, up from 10 in 2020, an overall increase of 58%. Yet, despite the increase in data, only 46% of organizations reported seeing their HR function as providing strategic value to their business, a clear divide between the work demanded of HR and the perceived value output.

“HR.com was founded to positively impact workforces by building up and supporting HR professionals to maximize their potential,” said Debbie McGrath, CEO of HR.com. “Our partnership with Visier is a natural extension of that mission by providing tools and skills development to build more strategic HR functions through insightful data.”

HR practitioners can access the combined resources at www.HR.com.  More information about Visier can be found at www.visier.com.