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The City of Edmonton Deploys Visier to Support Data-Driven Workforce Decisions

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Rapidly growing municipality gains on-the-fly, multidimensional insights into critical workforce trends to fuel HR modernization

Visier, the innovation leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced that the City of Edmonton has deployed Visier Workforce Analytics. A key element of the City’s broader HR modernization initiative, the cloud solution enables the municipality’s HR team and business leaders to develop talent strategies based on data-driven insights. (Read the full case study here).

“As one of the fastest growing large municipalities in Canada, we are modernizing our HR systems and practices to support the expansion of municipal infrastructure, programs and services. An HR system-agnostic cloud solution like Visier’s will enable my team to interpret all types of data from limitless sources, even as we bring in new systems,” says Kirsten Anderson, Team Lead for HR Reporting and Analytics, the City of Edmonton.

The City started the roll-out of Visier Workforce Analytics in December of 2014. Once the roll-out is complete, the City’s HR team and approximately 200 leaders will use Visier to support data-driven decisions related to key areas, such as recruitment, retention, and workforce planning. With the analytics solution in place, the City has replaced static reports with interactive visualizations that let teams drill down into workforce data.

Visier Workforce Analytics is part of a new solution category called Workforce Intelligence. With Workforce Intelligence, companies can fuel HR transformation initiatives, created to directly link the people strategy with organizational mandates and business strategies. Powered by in-memory technology, Visier enables multi-dimensional processing of a large number of employee records without the need to create a data warehouse.

“The City of Edmonton’s HR team is transforming its function into a fact-based discipline, helping the City build a robust workforce through a period of rapid growth,” says John Schwarz, CEO and Founder, Visier. “This is a truly forward-thinking HR team that is an inspiration to other government organizations looking to enable data-driven workforce decisions.”

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