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Visier Announces Strategic Partnership with symplr

Vancouver, BC |

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced a strategic partnership with symplr, a pioneer in healthcare operations solutions. This partnership will allow Visier’s people analytics capabilities to be embedded within symplr Recruiting to create a talent analytics feature set greatly enhancing the product experience. The new offering will provide healthcare providers with insights enabling them to be more agile and make better, data-driven staffing decisions.

“I’m thrilled to see this collaboration that combines the best of healthcare operations with the best of people analytics, especially when healthcare organizations really need it,” said Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer at Visier. “With this partnership, symplr customers will gain insights to improve their ability to attract and hire talent, which has become mission critical data for healthcare organizations.”

This new talent analytics recruiting data insights will allow healthcare organizations to make more informed decisions to deliver more predictable hiring results. From gaining insight into how you’re driving application volumes, reducing time-to-fill, exceeding diversity goals, and much more you can begin understanding and telling your talent data story today. 

“Staffing shortages have always been an issue in healthcare, but now even more than ever before,” said Michael Vipond, SVP & Managing Director at symplr. “ Since COVID, the number of applicants per job opening has dropped more than half, which obviously is a critical issue, particularly when it comes to providing adequate care to patients. The analytics this partnership with Visier provides will help organizations make smart strategic business decisions to combat retention of essential workers, ensuring patients can continue to receive critical, high quality care.”

Beginning June 8, 2022, symplr customers will have the option to choose one of two different talent analytics solutions:

  • Basic Analytics will provide talent insights that fit users and organizations of all types to equip their workforce with answers they need most. 

  • Premium Analytics will offer richer insights like supply and demand, diversity and the ability to build out adhoc analysis.