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Product Update: Insights On Demand and Connecting Workforce Analytics to Workforce Planning Are Top of Mind

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Visier’s Spring 2014 product releases also include a Total Cost of Workforce model that allows customers to analyse their workforce costs and actuals on demand

Visier, an innovation leader in workforce analytics and planning, today announced the Spring 2014 releases of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning. The new releases continue Visier’s tradition of high velocity innovation in workforce analytics and planning.

Visier Workforce Analytics is a cloud solution that is pre-built with HR industry expertise and best practices. Implemented in just four to eight weeks, Visier unifies an organization’s workforce data from unlimited sources, and provides answers “out of the box” to hundreds of workforce questions. From simple metrics, like headcount, to complex predictive analytics, like which high-value employees are likely to leave, Visier provides actionable insights on demand.

“The Spring release of Visier Workforce Analytics continues our mission to enable the most extensive on-demand workforce analytics capabilities in the industry,” says Ian Cook, Director, Product Management, Workforce Analytics, Visier. “Our customers are now not only able to slice and dice their analysis populations by limitless dimensions, but they can also filter and dig into their analysis population on the fly when presenting insights to business leaders.”

Visier Workforce Analytics Spring 2014 also includes over seventy new metrics, supporting an extensive new Total Cost of Workforce model. Customers are able to analyse their budgeted and actual workforce costs on demand, to a degree of detail that without Visier would be incredibly difficult or impossible to attain.

Visier Workforce Planning is a cloud solution that lets organizations eliminate the administrative pain and complexity of operational workforce planning. A pioneering solution, Visier Workforce Planning turns planning into an automated, collaborative process, where Finance and HR connect seamlessly, and decisions are made based on accurate, up-to-date insights into workforce data and trends.

“Workforce analytics and workforce planning are inherently linked together,” says Dino Zincarini, Director, Product Management, Workforce Planning, Visier. “Workforce analytics is about making decisions based on what has happened to your workforce. Workforce planning is about turning those decisions into actions to create a better future. With the Spring release we have added more capabilities to monitor your actuals against plan and deeper understand the costs associated with plans. We have also enabled further automation around planning scenarios and collaboration.”

Visier delivers new product releases each quarter. For more information, or for a demonstration of Visier solutions, contact Visier.

Join Dino Zincarini as he presents at the Talent Management Alliance’s Workforce Planning Conference June 2-4, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.