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Sherpa Performance Improvement, LLC Forges Strategic Relationship With Workforce Analytics Innovation Leader, Visier Inc.

Indianapolis, IN |

Corporate performance initiatives expert enters sales agreement with workforce analytics innovation leader to provide enhanced analytics portfolio

Sherpa Performance Improvement, LLC., a leading provider of corporate performance improvement strategies and platforms that drive business growth, announced today that they have entered into a sales agreement with Visier, Inc., an innovation leader in delivering workforce analytics through the cloud, to market the Visier Workforce Analytics solution in the United States.

Visier Workforce Analytics is a cloud-based application designed for HR professionals to easily identify and improve the ROI of their organization’s human capital, by showing companies how to reduce costs, improve productivity, attract and retain top talent, and implement a workforce strategy that supports the business strategy. Visier Workforce Analytics is a powerful, intuitive and interactive solution that uncovers deep insight into the core metrics of a company’s workforce by answering the most critical and fundamental questions facing HR professionals.

Sherpa Performance Improvement provides corporate consulting to improve employee and organizational performance, delivered by a core team of highly trained professionals, implementing strategies to solve complex problems for clients to grow their businesses. Sherpa offers its clients the experience, flexibility and resources needed to design, execute and measure a solution that works best for all organizations.

By adding the Visier Workforce Analytics solution to their sales portfolio, Sherpa can provide its clients with leading-edge workforce analytics technology in the cloud and a new level of insight into their human capital. This insight provides Sherpa and its clients with critical information necessary for performance improvement initiatives. Similarly, Sherpa now offers its experience and knowledge to companies considering Visier Workforce Analytics and can help organizations deploy faster, with more confidence and, most importantly, with greater business impact.

“Visier is a real and tangible breakthrough in workforce analytics that we believe brings significant value to our clients and is a great addition to our Sherpa Analytics portfolio,” says Bill Karwoski, President of Sherpa Performance Improvement. “At Sherpa, we develop and implement performance improvement initiatives that change the behavior of the people who impact your company’s bottom line: your employees, channel partners and customers,” he adds.

Human capital is the cornerstone of a successful business. Visier Workforce Analytics helps HR Professionals bridge the gap between data and decisions. Visier transforms data into valuable insight that identifies problem areas and helps human resource departments quickly deploy solutions to address critical issues such as retention, engagement or productivity. With Visier’s predictive analytics, organizations can also go beyond core HR metrics to understand why people are leaving, how to source more top talent, or who is likely to leave next.

“Partnering with Sherpa Performance Improvement is a natural alignment for Visier. Working together, the two firms can reach a broader customer audience, shorten sales cycles, and create additional value and ROI for customers by delivering the most advanced Workforce Analytics solution in the market and supporting its delivery with the trusted advice and experience of one of the premier services leaders in the HR market,” commented John Schwarz, Visier Founder and CEO.

Companies must align their people strategy with their business strategy in order to be successful and profitable. When integrated with business insights, workforce analytics improve an organization’s human capital ROI and increase the value its workforce delivers to its overall performance. Analytics are the critical key to a more responsive and flexible organization that is ready to meet the ever-increasing challenges in today’s marketplace — as well as tomorrow’s.

About Sherpa Performance Improvement

Sherpa Performance Improvement, LLC. is a privately held company headquartered in Carmel, Indiana. Sherpa’s mission is to help clients identify and resolve pressing business issues by bringing the best minds and solutions to bear to ensure optimal outcomes. Sherpa’s leadership believes that in today’s competitive business environment, a new approach is needed to solve everyday business challenges. Sherpa was formed to combine the best and brightest minds with exceptional creative and cutting edge technology to address a company’s most challenging and complex business issues.

Founded in 2010 by business leaders Bill Karwoski and Guy Mascaro, Sherpa has grown quickly into a premier business performance improvement agency providing strategies and solutions to a myriad of clients across multiple industries. Sherpa’s growth has been fueled by the addition of 15 new clients in the past 18 months. Sherpa’s areas of focus include Human Resources Optimization, Sales Force Effectiveness and Customer Acquisition and Retention.