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Product Update: Visier’s Latest Quarterly Product Releases Empower Leaders Enterprise-Wide with Workforce Intelligence

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Visier also launches online community to all Visier product users, providing an exclusive collaboration forum for workforce analytics and planning

Visier, the innovation leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced the WINTER 2015 releases of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning. The new releases focus on expanding the value of workforce analytics and planning to people managers enterprise-wide, driving greater business outcomes.

“One of the key market gaps filled by Visier Workforce Planning is the ability for organizations to perform truly collaborative workforce planning that includes meaningful input from leaders on the frontlines of the business,” says Dino Zincarini, Director, Product Management, Workforce Planning, Visier. “With the WINTER 2015 release we have made it easier than ever before for HR to manage and streamline a planning process that includes line of business contributors across the enterprise. The result is not just a better process, but a better plan. A plan that is more aligned with the business strategy and drives greater business outcomes.”

Using Visier Workforce Planning, lead planners can assign plan segments to line of business managers, and can monitor the activity of these contributors. Line of business managers can create sub-plans based on their frontline knowledge of the headcount and roles needed to meet business objectives, while also seeing where headcount needs are above or below budget. When contributors submit their requirements, lead planners can either send the sub-plan back with comments for further refinement, or can automatically roll up the sub-plan into a consolidated plan for the organization. With this release, workforce planners can now monitor the daily activity of plan contributors.

Visier Workforce Planning’s new Collaboration Tracker facilitates the timely creation of workforce plans

Visier Workforce Analytics WINTER 2015 also includes new functionality focused on extending the power of workforce insights beyond the HR analytics group to HR business partners and business managers throughout an organization.

“Visier is dedicated not just to making HR better, but to making the business better,” says Ian Cook, Director, Product Management, Workforce Analytics, Visier. “To achieve this, Visier has made it easy for organizations to arm all their people managers with insights on demand, enabling them to make more informed workforce decisions.”

With the WINTER 2015 release, Visier Workforce Analytics customers can extend the benefits of analytics to business leaders with the new Visier Workforce Viewer. By providing on-demand access to unmatched workforce insights, business leaders are able to make better and more informed workforce decisions for their employees.

The new Visier Workforce Viewer helps business leaders make better workforce decisions by providing them on-demand access to unmatched workforce visibility.

In conjunction with the WINTER 2015 product releases, Visier launched the Visier Community to its users. The Visier Community is an online forum where users can meet to ask questions, discuss topics, and share ideas, as well as access resources to support them in their drive to adopt a data-driven planning and decision making culture enterprise-wide. In the WINTER 2015 releases Visier implemented a number of new product enhancements based on ideas submitted by Community users.

Visier delivers new product releases each quarter. To see a demonstration of Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solutions, sign up for a demo session.

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