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Product Update: Visier Delivers Key New Functionality to Enable HR to Better Drive Business Performance

Vancouver, BC and San Jose, CA |

Visier’s WINTER 2016 product releases include business results, insights on-the-go, and financial plan integration

Visier, the leader in Workforce Intelligence, today announced the WINTER 2016 releases of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning, delivering first-of-its-kind new functionality to its customers. “The WINTER 2016 release of Visier Workforce Analytics delivers an unmatched new capability that enables companies to instantly connect workforce metrics to business results,” says Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer, Visier. “Understanding what workforce levers to pull to drive business outcomes has long been a central goal of workforce analytics; however, actually connecting workforce metrics to business metrics -- like revenue, profits, or customer satisfaction -- has been impossible for all but a few giant companies with unlimited money and data science expertise. With the WINTER release of Visier, we have made it easy and cost effective for any organization to make these connections.” Learn more about this industry first capability to directly connect the workforce to business results: read the press release.

With Visier customers can correlate workforce and business metrics, and discover what levers to pull to drive better business outcomes.

Connecting the workforce to business results

With Visier’s new business results capability, customers can answer critical business-shaping questions that are specific to their business. For example:

  • Retail businesses: Do stores where employees have longer tenure have higher sales?

  • Energy providers: Are more training hours linked to a lower frequency of reported injuries?

  • Healthcare providers: What workforce drivers correlate to lower patient readmission, or higher HCAHPS (patient satisfaction) scores?

  • Manufacturers: How does our training spend relate to our defect rate?

  • Financial Services organizations: Is the amount of variable compensation paid linked to the number of new insurance policies written?

  • Technology developers: How does time in position relate to the first-call resolution rate of support calls?

With an innovative Applied Big Data business model, Visier includes turnkey data onboarding and management with its annual Software-as-a-Service subscription, never charging customers for adding or changing a data source. This now includes onboarding a custom set of business result metrics for each customer, such as revenue, profit, cost of goods sold, customer satisfaction index, patient readmission rates, patient satisfaction scores, net promoter score, monthly call volumes, and many more.  

Delivering Insights On the Go

Visier Workforce Analytics WINTER 2016 also includes a new iPhone application, providing leaders and HR business partners with access to workforce and employee insights on the go. This includes access to visual reports of key metrics, as well as to Visier Talent Advisor for instant access to relevant, comparative data for meaningful cohort analysis. Using the iPhone app, leaders and HR Business Partners can answer common and often costly questions about employees, such as:

  • A team member has been offered a higher paying position at another company — should I counteroffer? What should I counteroffer?

  • I have a new leadership position opening — who is my best internal candidate?

  • An employee has asked for a promotion — should I give one?

Visier’s iPhone app provides HR business partners and people managers with insights on-the-go for time-sensitive employee decisions.

Keeping HR and Finance in Sync

Visier Workforce Planning WINTER 2016 also includes new functionality key to enabling the achievement of business results: onboarding cost and headcount data from financial plans into Visier. “Effective workforce plans don’t just meet business objectives: they enable the achievement of them,” says Weisbeck. “To accomplish this, it’s critical that HR and Finance work together. Only together can Finance and HR create a plan that brings together the right talent, at the right time, at the right cost.” With the WINTER 2016 release, customers can now bring budget and forecast data – for headcount or total cost of workforce – from financial plans into Visier. HR can then refine the budget from Finance by adding more detail on talent and timing requirements, and as the year progresses, Finance can monitor how the budget compares to actuals to see where variance exists and action needs to be taken to stay on track.

With Visier HR and Finance can monitor actual workforce costs and headcount against their plans, throughout the fiscal year

Once a plan is implemented, Visier enables HR and Finance to monitor actual workforce costs and headcount against the plan, throughout the fiscal year. As a result, companies can see how efficiently their budget is being utilized and identify actions needed to stay on track. Visier delivers new product releases each quarter. To see a demonstration of Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solutions, sign up for a demo session. Find data-driven HR insights and tips at www.visier.com/clarity Follow Visier on Twitter @Visier Like Visier on Facebook

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