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Nucleus Research Finds Visier Brings Significant Value and Cost Savings to IT and HR Departments

Vancouver, BC |

Customer interviews reveal thousands of hours of labor saved per year

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, released today a third-party report conducted by Nucleus Research, an information technology research firm specializing in investigative research and the return on investment analysis of technology deployments. The report, which was based on a series of interviews Nucleus Research conducted with Visier customers, uncovered a number of tangible business benefits for both HR and the IT departments.

In conversations with HCM professionals and other Visier users, Nucleus Research found that customers selected Visier because of its all-in-one people analytics solution, Visier’s strong customer service, and because Visier allowed users to focus on analysis, by removing the need to perform administrative tasks. Nucleus Research found that Visier customers were able to achieve productivity gains for both IT and analytics users, while the solution also easily scaled to help support organizational growth.

“Visier offers a pre-built, enterprise solution for people analytics that requires limited IT investment to implement and maintain. As a result, IT and analytics teams are able to spend less time doing low business value tasks, like preparing and integrating data, and more time performing high-value analysis work,” said Trevor White, Senior Analyst for Nucleus Research. “Additionally, Visier’s all-inclusive SAAS model means that, as organizations grow, they can easily scale the use of Visier, while avoiding new investments in IT. As the amount and complexity of HR data grows, scalability will be a key benefit driver for organizations using analytics solutions. Visier’s ease of scalability provides a clear differentiator that provides consistent value to users.”

Nucleus Research found that one of Visier’s primary benefits to the IT department is the ability to scale the Visier solution (with new data, new analytics, new users) without the need to invest in expanding a team of costly Data Scientists. With the average Data Scientist hire greater than $130,000 a year and in short supply, this provided strong direct savings to Visier customers. As well, Visier customers reported significant improvements in IT and analyst productivity.

In addition to the departmental benefits, Nucleus Research found Visier customers had experienced positive business results. In one customer experience, the organization reported that use of Visier people analytics enabled them to reduce turnover by over 60 percent in just six months, which led to millions of dollars in savings.

The report was conducted by Nucleus Research, through interviews with current Visier customers.