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Degreed adds embedded skills and learning analytics through strategic partnership with Visier

Pleasanton, CA |

Workforce upskilling platform Degreed announced a strategic partnership with Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, to deliver business-relevant insights around workforce skills and future skill needs. Visier’s analytics engine will be embedded in a new, optional offering inside Degreed’s learning experience platform and is planned for general availability in Q4 of this year.

Skill data is essential to managing digital transformation and staying ahead with competitive innovation. Companies that quantify the gap between skills they have and those they need are 1.7x more likely to succeed in transformations. But a lack of insight into workforce skills is hindering over half (53 percent) of workforce transformations. One big reason why: over 45 percent of talent leaders feel they lack the technology to assess and track their workforce skills. 

Degreed and Visier are collaborating to provide a simple and intuitive solution inside the user-friendly Degreed experience that helps L&D teams and their stakeholders understand and visualize the skills and capabilities inside organizations so they can make data-backed decisions about their upskilling initiatives.

Rob Wellington, Director of Experience Partnerships at Degreed, said, “Having timely data on workforce skills is vital for every organization today. Without it, learning, talent and HR leaders are working blind. Degreed’s partnership with Visier will bring much-needed clarity on skill data, making it actionable and ensuring that businesses have the skills and learning where they need them most.”

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Degreed customers to get actionable insights into business-critical skills,” said Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer at Visier. “Our combined forces pair together learning experience data, skills data and Visier’s robust analytics engine. With Degreed, customers will have a real-time and complete picture of what skills are in demand, where skills exist in an organization and what skill development to prioritize to meet coming business needs.”

If you would like to learn more about the partnership and how advanced skills insights can help you make your learning and development programs more impactful, visit our landing page to connect with us.


About Degreed

Degreed is the workforce upskilling platform for one in three Fortune 50 companies. We connect all your learning, talent development, and internal mobility opportunities to intelligence on the skills your business needs next. And we do it all in one easy, fluid, skill-building experience powered by your people’s expertise and interests. So you can transform your workforce from within. Founded in 2012, Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with additional offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.

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