Workforce Planning

Turn Insight into Action.

Visier Workforce Planning is a cloud solution that lets you eliminate the administrative pain and complexity of workforce planning.

With Visier, you can turn planning into an automated, collaborative process, where Finance and HR connect seamlessly, and decisions are made based on accurate, up-to-date insights into your workforce data and trends.


Plan better, faster.

Spreadsheets are cumbersome, time consuming, and error prone – limiting the frequency of planning, the number of people involved, and the quality of results.

With Visier:

  • Instantly access clean, accurate workforce data
  • Start with up-to-date org structures, headcounts, and costs
  • Generate credible workforce projections based on past trends

Connect finance & HR.

Mapping workforce costs to budgets is difficult and often imprecise. Yet accurately understanding how workforce plans translate into dollars is critical to your organization’s bottom line.

Visier simplifies the complex, letting you connect accurate workforce costs to financial budgets.

  • Connect budget constraints with workforce requirements
  • Toggle easily between people and financial views
  • Instantly identify where plans are above or below budget

Enable effective, enterprise-wide collaboration.

The administrative overhead of planning typically limits the number of people involved, as well as the frequency of planning. At the same time, contributors often operate from different assumptions.

With Visier:

  • Delegate planning activities to leaders enterprise-wide
  • Facilitate iterative planning, capturing comments and feedback
  • Automatically merge approved plans into your master plan

Explore alternate futures.

With traditional approaches, it is difficult to change variables and develop alternate plans on the fly.

With Visier:

  • Build plans for multiple scenarios
  • Plan for new sites or teams, modeling different cost scenarios
  • Visually compare multiple “What If” scenarios

Measure plan performance.

Plans often have a short lifespan. Yet reviewing a plan against actuals is cumbersome, and evolving a plan to meet a changing business environment is complex. With Visier, planning can be a frequent process, driven by business needs.

With Visier:

  • Track variance to actuals over time
  • Improve the accuracy of future planning
  • Track the effects of changes

Get started now.

Visier Workforce Planning is a cloud solution provided to you as a service. With Visier you will:

  • Get operational in four to eight weeks
  • Plan based on insights gained from workforce analytics
  • Receive new product capabilities every quarter

Experience a complete solution.

From action.


Visier Workforce Planning is based on the foundation of Visier Workforce Analytics, enabling you to develop workforce plans based on the insights gained from analytics. With Visier, you are able to develop plans using you current, accurate workforce data, and then monitor actuals against plan over time.

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