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Why Visier.

Visier starts with the business needs and pre-builds questions based on best practices, domain expertise, and customer feedback.

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And unifies all your data, from any source, for you – as a complete solution.

Delivering content that is easy-to-consume.

With Visier’s intuitive design and interactive visualizations, there is no need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist.


But if you are a brain scientist, you can still dig deep, viewing your data from multiple dimensions, slicing and dicing on demand, and exploring advanced predictive analytics.


Visier is reinventing analytics.

Founded by analytics leaders from Business Objects, SAP, and Crystal Decisions, who believe there is a better way to do analytics.

Delivering an Applied Big Data solution that is up and running in weeks, not months or years.

Get operational with all your data in four to eight weeks.

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    The old way.

    Multiple technologies, technical skill sets, departments, and projects.

    Step 1: Build data warehouse.

    • Buy ETL tools
    • Buy warehouse infrastructure
    • Design data model
    • Source, transform, cleanse, and load data
    “More than half of all data warehousing projects fail.” - Gartner
    TYPICAL COST $2+ Million
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    The old way.

    Step 2: Deploy business intelligence tools.

    • Buy and implement BI platform
    “Between 70% to 80% of corporate BI projects fail.” - Gartner
    TYPICAL COST $750,000+
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    The old way.

    Step 3: Create queries, reports, dashboards, visuals, and scorecards.

    • Interview end users
    • Determine business questions
    • Determine calculations
    TYPICAL COST $1,000/user + development
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    The old way.

    Step 4: Identify missed business questions.

    • Change reports and dashboards
    • Change mapping of data to BI tool
    • Change warehouse structure and extract new data
    “Without fail, business questions are missed or misunderstood, new questions come up, and the process must be repeated."
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    The old way.

    Step 5: Create operational workforce plans.

    • 1. Collect your data into spreadsheets
    • 2. Email spreadsheets, and merge changes
    • 3. Try to reconcile workforce plans with financial plans
    • 4. Four weeks later start again for next month
    “Insights gained through analytics lead to action, but traditional solutions don't support next steps."
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    Visier Analytics & Planning

    The Visier way.

    Visier provides a complete pre-built solution, from analytics to planning, provided as a service in the cloud.

    “Fully operational with your data in 4-8 weeks."

    Implemented in just four to eight weeks, Visier unifies data from unlimited sources, and delivers answers to hundreds of core and strategic workforce questions. From simple metrics to complex predictive analytics, Visier provides actionable insights on demand.

Support the complete insight to action loop.

Power your HR Transformation with Workforce Intelligence.

What is going on with our workforce?


What should we do in the future?

In the cloud, and getting smarter each quarter.

With an obsession for constant and high velocity innovation.


An analytics engine 250,000x faster.

Powered by in-memory technology, Visier is significantly faster than traditional BI.

  • Unify data from unlimited sources
  • Load in Bad Data and transform it on the fly
  • Ask complex questions that were not possible to answer before
  • Examine advanced predictive analytics

Visier takes just clock to answer questions that take traditional BI tools calendar to process.

Big Data ready.

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    Unlimited Data
  • memory
    In-Memory System
  • search
    Profound Questions
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    Actionable Plans

Implemented for you in 4-8 weeks.

By an experienced team with a dedication to Customer Success and a proven process for fast, high-quality implementations.

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