5 Things Missing in Your Workday HR Reporting and Analytics

And what you can do about them

You’ve made a significant investment in your Workday HCM system and want to turn the data you’re capturing into powerful insights that improve HR effectiveness and drive better talent and business outcomes. Unfortunately for most, this is an ambitious goal: Workday’s siloed approach to implementing HR analytics has often become synonymous with slow, expensive, inefficient, and complex processes.

As a new era of work is ushered in, siloed approaches to implementing HR analytics no longer meet the needs of business leaders and people managers. Business and people leaders are faced with complex decisions about people, which have a direct impact on business outcomes—yet all they have to support them is intuition and habit.

So, how can you navigate and extract value from this sea of data?

Download this guide to learn:

  • Five things missing in your Workday HR reporting
  • How Visier’s open platform easily plugs into your Workday architecture to simplify the process of loading and mapping attributes
  • How investing in a purpose-built people analytics solution like Visier drives better business outcomes