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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion with People Analytics at Wayfair

Watch this webinar to learn how Wayfair improves hiring equity with people analytics.

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Expectations for a diverse and inclusive workplace have never been higher. Many leaders are still searching for the right formula to make a lasting difference. As businesses grow and scale, more focus is set on improving the employee experience. This includes investing in Diversity, Inclusion and Equity and where people analytics can be used to minimize bias in key employee life cycle activities of attracting, developing/promoting, and retaining diverse workers.

Check out this on-demand webinar featuring Wayfair’s Head of Analytics, Dylan Mendelson and Visier’s Head of Research and Customer Value

What you’ll get...

  • How Wayfair puts data in the hands of their leadership to improve their DEI strategies
  • How people analytics gives leaders a holistic view of their data that empowers them to take targeted action
  • Why the e-commerce giant uses people analytics to scale their DEI analytics function

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