White Paper

People Powered: Talent Strategies for Better Client Relations in Professional Services

How to maximise business potential with people insights

Hybrid work and red-hot pipelines have led to professional services firms innovating and stretching their workforces to deliver. But widespread burnout, neglected cultures, and recruitment challenges continue to threaten profitability.

It's time for established destination careers such as law, accountancy, and consultancy to look for new ways of building cultures of trust and sustainable talent pools that will grow and retain client bases over the long term, and persuade rising stars not to jump ship to competitors with bigger financial incentives.

While the future looks bright for those that can set the pace of change, professional services leaders find themselves in the teeth of the toughest recruitment and retention environment for many decades—the so-called Great Resignation. With people matters so high on the agenda, it’s time for the next phase of workforce insights and understanding needed to drive business growth.

What you’ll learn:

  • Productivity, billable hours, and growing commercial talent.
  • Innovation as a competitive advantage.
  • Doubling down on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.