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People Powered: Become a Talent Magnet in Financial Services and Insurance

How to attract and retain top talent.

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Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) businesses have attracted the brightest and best for decades, providing destination careers for those striving for success. However, The Great Resignation continues to disrupt, and the innovation, promise and purpose of high-growth tech and pharmaceutical industries are an increasing draw for high achievers.

With the rise of fintech, lucrative gig options, and the temptation to become a financial entrepreneur oneself, FSI organisations must rethink what they offer their people, and build a resilient workforce to sustain operations as well as deliver on strategy.

The rise of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has increased pressure on FSI firms from external stakeholders and regulators for transparency on diversity, equity and inclusion to better represent the communities they serve. Our paper offers advice on how to reduce risk by getting ahead of the curve on employee reporting.

This white paper shows how people analytics can help you understand your employees better, attract and retain top talent, and maintain your competitive advantage.

What you’ll get...

  • Talent as a driver for innovation
  • Gaining clarity on skills and training
  • Creating a rewarding career path

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