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Skills Intelligence APIs Infosheet

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The challenge many companies face in understanding their current position is standardizing employee roles and skills data—a difficult and laborious task that often ends up deprioritized or abandoned before organizations see results. Data is abundant, but it isn’t always reliable. In a fast-paced, heterogeneous technology environment, data around skills and job titles is often fragmented, incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated.

Visier’s Skills Intelligence APIs eliminate the manual workload that too often results in obsolete, redundant, and inaccurate data. Powered by a robust, regularly updated ontology of standardized jobs and skills, they also offer powerful mapping and matching algorithms. When added to your product capabilities, this means your customers can converge a sea of job titles alongside their skills in a snap and assess the skills landscape of their organization to determine areas of relative strength and weakness.

In this infosheet you'll:

  • Learn more about Visier Skills Intelligence APIs
  • Understand the benefits of partnering with Visier
  • How skills data and AI attract, retain, and develop for your customers

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