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Visier Insights™ Report: Retaining Millennials

How to attract and retain Millennials at your organization

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Millennial employees now make up the largest share of the workforce. With employment numbers at an all-time high and the war for talent more fierce than ever, organizations need to have a strategy to not only attract but also successfully retain Millennials.

In this Visier Insights™ research report, we leverage an aggregated database of 1.5 Million US-based employees from over 60 companies (a subset of the overall Visier Insights database) to look specifically at what is happening with resignations and internal hiring of Millennials, identifying some key new insights for employers.

What you’ll get...

  • Debunk sweeping assumptions about the Millennial generation
  • Better understand what Millennials need from their employers
  • Get key recommendations for hiring, engaging, and retaining your Millennial employees

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