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Product Manager's Guide to People Benchmarks APIs

Everything you need to know for your own workforce and salary benchmarks

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Many businesses understand the importance of making decisions based on fact rather than intuition. However a large majority of teams only focus on measuring what has happened and are unsure where they can best move the needle to identify, attract, develop and retain talent. On top of that, HR teams are often stretched with many competing challenges and a volatile market adds more fuel to the fire.

Instead of only looking at what has happened, people benchmarks add an extra layer of context by adding data of where other organization’s perform against similar areas such as resignations, promotions, diversity and compensation. It answers what good really looks like for each of your customers, giving them a lightbulb moment right within your platform and the areas of focus for the most business impact.

Download this playbook to learn:

  • What are People Benchmarks APIs and how they accelerate your build
  • How to leverage up to 228M benchmarks from our 18M employee records
  • Considerations when building from scratch

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