White Paper

People First: Becoming a Recession Proof Retailer

A data-driven approach for retail business leaders to achieve business goals.

"People First: Becoming a Recession Proof Retailer

Maximise business potential and performance with people insights

Amidst a recession, the retail industry finds itself facing both high levels of job vacancies and rising costs, while trying to retain customers and protect them from a cost of living crisis. Building, supporting and maintaining a stable workforce, which faces some of the same challenges as their customers, is a challenge.

If staff feel undervalued, this can lead to poor customer experiences.

Using data to understand your people can help you gain insights to enrich the staff journey, tackle turnover trends and to encourage leaders to make business-critical decisions that put people first."

What you’ll learn:

  • Adapting through a responsive and proactive employee engagement strategy
  • Finding stability and reducing churn
  • Elevating customer experience by empowering your people