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Visier at People Analytics World 2021

Delivering Business Answers and Better People Decisions at Scale.

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Watch these sessions to learn how high performing people analytics teams are successfully delivering business answers at scale; driving diversity, equity and inclusion; and realising maximum return on investment from their people data ecosystem.

Panel Discussion: What Makes High-Performing Analytics Leaders and Teams?

Five leaders at different kinds of organisations and working in varying contexts, all with broad experience in implementing high-performing people analytics functions, discuss:

  • skills and capabilities required to be successful
  • characteristics and traits that drive to success
  • typical pitfalls and traps to avoid.

David Green (insight 222), Ian Cook, Steve Scott (Standard Chartered), Khurshid Anis (KeyBank) & Oliver Kasper (ABB).

Business Answers at Scale: How to Unlock Your People Analytics Ecosystem

Ian cook shares how the enterprise people data ecosystem is evolving, and how a single analytic model will support people managers at scale. Learn how;

  • enterprise people data ecosystem is evolving
  • to consolidate your people insights within a single analytic model
  • to support people managers at scale across the enterprise.

The Value of People Analytics in Improving DEI: Research, Use Cases and Best Practices

Lexy Martin shares highlights from recent research and customer stories on the use of people analytics, and the value achieved, in improving diversity, equity and inclusion. Hear how;

  • people analytics is improving female leadership ratio
  • females are cracking the workplace glass ceiling
  • gender pay equity progress amidst the global pandemic.

Ask, Align, Act: A Proactive Problem-Solving Framework

Caitlin Bigsby & Mike Everitt show you how to discover what’s actually going on, and work in partnership with stakeholders, across your business to drive results (at scale and at pace). See how to;

  • uncover the real issues with the Ask, Align, Act framework
  • conduct a naive analysis that’s simple enough for non-analysts
  • bring data and stakeholders together to make measurable change.

What you’ll get...

  • How high performing people analytics teams are successfully delivering business answers at scale
  • Driving diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Realising maximum return on investment from their people data ecosystem

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