Everest Group's People Analytics Platform PEAK Matrix®️ Assessment 2024

Visier is the highest-designated Leader in Everest Group's People Analytics Platform PEAK Matrix®️ Assessment 2024.

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Everest Group evaluated 18 people analytics platform providers and positioned Visier the highest in the Leader category.

"Visier's recognition as a Leader in the People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix®️ Assessment 2024 is a direct reflection of its commitment to innovation and strong product offerings," says Sharath Hari N, Vice President at Everest Group. "Visier stands out for its vision of the future of people analytics and thought leadership. With features like Vee, an AI-based digital assistant, and a robust skills intelligence engine, combined with advanced analytics capabilities, Visier provides businesses with a holistic platform to unlock the full potential of their people analytics initiatives."

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What you’ll find in this research report:

  • Background and scope of the research
  • People analytics platforms PEAK Matrix®️ characteristics
  • Visier profile, including capabilities and offerings
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