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The Manager's Ultimate Guide to Making Equitable Merit Pay Decisions

Prepare your managers to make equitable, transparent compensation decisions.

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Effective managers make and communicate pay decisions with confidence. But all too often managers aren’t equipped to find the data they need to make merit pay decisions and guide employee conversations. First-time and seasoned managers alike lack confidence when it comes to leading pay conversations with employees. On top of merit pay decisions, today’s business environment is constantly putting new and often complex challenges on people management roles, further complicating manager effectiveness.

To help your organization make effective, equitable pay decisions and prepare your managers to communicate with employees, we’ve outlined a three-step approach to making effective merit pay decisions part of your compensation strategy.

Download the guide to:

  • Understand the top challenges managers face when making merit pay and compensation decisions.
  • Learn how to prepare your managers and leaders to make effective pay decisions in three steps.
  • Get the best practice checklist to provide your managers and leaders to use when making compensation decisions.

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