Unlocking Manager Effectiveness: The Next Driver of Value

Research showing how data makes people managers more effective and more human while supporting them to deliver productivity and profitability.

The next level of value from people analytics adoption is coming from organizations providing data and insights directly to people managers.

In-depth interviews with 20+ industry leaders from Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, Nokia, and many more show how scaling people analytics to managers results in significant value. As many as 50% of the more mature, technology-adopting organizations serve finance and people managers today.

Looking across the various value propositions from such adoption in our research, we found that an organization with 10,000 employees might achieve nearly $400 million in cost savings and $200 million in revenue expansion.

It's all in the new report—download to learn:

  • How people analytics makes managers more effective—and more human
  • Why arming managers with data insights delivers better productivity and profitability
  • How orgs are successfully unlocking enormous value