Top 10 HR Dashboards and How To Build Them Using People Analytics

Explore the most essential HR dashboards, from workforce planning to manager effectiveness

HR dashboards are essential tools designed to consolidate, streamline, and present data on a single screen, facilitating swift viewing, analysis, and action on specific HR metrics. While an HR dashboard serves as a visualization tool for key HR metrics, its effectiveness heavily relies on the quality and depth of underlying data. People analytics aggregate HR data and business data from multiple source systems and turn it into meaningful insights.

In this guide, we’ve outlined the 10 most essential HR dashboards that every company needs and offer examples of how you can build them using people analytics.

It's all in this essential guide—download to:

  • Explore the most important HR dashboards your organization needs
  • Learn the core metrics to track on each dashboard and questions you can answer with people analytics
  • Discover when to use each dashboard to drive strategic decisions that lead to business impact