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12 Metrics Every CHRO Should Know

These are the top HR metrics savvy CHROs need to achieve data-driven insights

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No matter what your organization does, it can’t be successful without its people. As CHRO, you have a huge responsibility to make sure your people are empowered to create your company’s products, serve its customers, and make the sales that keep your organization successful. But with hundreds–or thousands–of people to keep track of, you can’t be everywhere. You need solid data to understand what’s going and make strategic decisions.

Your time is precious, and you need a fast way to decide where to focus your efforts. This handy guide will give you the list of the top 12 HR metrics every CHRO should keep an eye on.

What you’ll get...

  • Why these 12 metrics are essential to delivering on your people strategy
  • How to use these HR metrics to also identify business opportunities and roadblocks
  • Advice on where to find the right data and information you need

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