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Visier Insights™ Report: Gender Pay Equity Progress Hangs in the Balance

How has gender pay equity changed in the U.S. between 2017 and 2020?

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Experts are warning that, in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, there will be a disruption in the trajectory of closing the gender pay gap. This report highlights the silver linings to consider–and the steps employers can take to proactively move the needle on gender equity outcomes in the future.

For this report, we measured changes in gender pay equity between 2017 and 2020 for US employees of large companies. The measurements are using a US enterprise subset of the Visier Insights database, which comprises over nine million employee records from more than 4000 companies.

What you’ll get...

  • How much the gender pay gap has narrowed
  • Why women aged 25 to 30 are seeing the most gains
  • The factors that may impede pay equity progress

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