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Addressing the Financial Services Skills Crisis Through People Analytics

Creating an employee experience that keep the workforce engaged

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The financial services industry is facing a complex catalogue of challenges. Not only is it operating against a backdrop of uncertainty and upheaval caused by Covid-19, but the sector is also undergoing a root and branch digital revolution as customers’ appetites for new, digital experiences intensify.

Keeping the workforce engaged and equipped to perform is critical to progress – but data points towards a potential peak season of resignations in the near future, with a deepening skills crisis identified as a major factor.

Determining the rationale for wanting to change jobs is complicated. But developing deep workforce insight allows businesses to spot trends and potential issues before they develop into problems that challenge an organization’s competitiveness.

What you’ll get...

  • The intrinsic link between skills training and job satisfaction
  • Understanding the hierarchy of reasons for disengagement
  • The role of people analytics in understanding workforce dynamics and its ability to enhance the employee experience

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